Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Shortest Summer Ever...

This was officially the shortest summer EVER! I had a whopping one week off. Today I started helping my co-teacher move things from her old room into our new classroom. She's out next week during our teacher work week, so we're doing a few things now. Then I'll take care of things next week while she's gone. I'm a little nervous prepping for our new class on my own! I know how I usually start the year, but it's totally different when someone else has their own way of doing things. I don't want to step on any toes!

I'm more of the organizer in this little team, so it just means I can do some of the organizing while she's gone and she won't have to worry about it. I still need to move in my stuff... ugh! I'm thinking it may happen in baby steps! My old school didn't have a set plan I had to follow, I could kind of make things up based on the group I had for the year. This new place seems to have a pretty set plan for how things are done. I'm totally fine with that, but it means some of my materials may not be totally necessary. I may want to wait and see what exactly is needed, before I move everything.

Today I also started tutoring one of my boys from my old school. Super sweet family! He had a rocky start thanks to a new routine, but we got things done and he did really well on his math skills. I think I need to make a plan so tutoring is a bit more fun than our normal school routine we have together. It's summer after all! It's a time for fun! I'm thinking we may need a math game or 2! Today we had smelly stickers and jelly beans as rewards. Yum!

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