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There are so many different resources for parents that it can be hard to differentiate the great ones from all the others. I have a bunch that I've encountered over the years. Each one is wonderful for it's own purpose whether it be behaviors, social skills, or just plain great for across settings. Below you will find a some of my favorites over the years along with a brief overview of the program.

1) Love & Logic: behavior system without a focus on rewards, and a huge focus on the ability for children to naturally make great choices along with the use of very logical consequences. I was introduced to this system my first or second year teaching, and I've used it in some form or another ever since. I've also recommended it to parents who were struggling. One family told me it's the only system that has ever worked for her kids. The power of choice can go a long way! I attended the teacher class, but they have parent class that I've heard great things about too!


2) Social Thinking: great program and book series for kids on the autistic spectrum and any child/student who struggles with appropriate social skills. Michelle Garcia Winner has AMAZING conferences that I've attended and greatly enjoyed. There is a series of books for parents, teachers, and even picture books for children and teens for improving social skills.


3) The Zones of Regulation: A great way to help kids who struggle with emotional regulation or struggle to explain how they are feeling. The program uses neutral language to help students understand that their moods change throughout the day based on their environment and they have "tools" to use to regulate their feelings. This is especially wonderful for students who don't know how to explain how they feel other than happy or unhappy. There are also several visual components to this system to help remind students to use the strategies and vocabulary to explain and regulate their emotions. I've had a student as young as 6 years old tell me, "I'm in the green zone now, but I was in the red zone earlier when I lost the game and got mad."


4) Whole Brain Teaching: A way to engage several aspects of the students' brains and increase student engagement along with information retention. It makes the classroom more fun, more structured, and more effective. This has become one of my favorites since I found it. I'm using it in my special education classroom this year, but I've seen examples of it mostly in general education and it applies to ALL ages and grade levels. Super easy to implement and allows for adjustments to meet your students' needs.


5) Do2Learn: A great set of resources for parents and teachers of kids with special needs. This website has TONS of resources to make your life easier. Many are free to print and use instantly. Some of my favorites are picture cards, fine motor development, language/articulation development, and behavior management tools. Really easy to use website!

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