Saturday, September 8, 2012

Social Skill: Personal Space FREEBIE!!

I have an adorable little boy in my class who I call my little genius. While he is super book-smart, he really struggles with social skills and expected/unexpected behaviors. He's young, so he's at the perfect age to absorb these skills if I present them the right way. I've decided that since he does not need to learn how to read, I'll use reading time to teach him social skills. This means creating a whole new curriculum with social skills books. I want to make sure he's getting comprehension work and word work that goes along with each book I choose. I have a pile of books I just ordered and received in the mail, so I'll be making these book activities for as many of them as I can. I hope you enjoy them too! This first one will be free! Please note: the comprehension page was intended for this specific book, but the sorting activity can be completed without reading the story.

Social Skills Book 1: Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook

Personal Space Camp Response Activities Freebie! Just click the image to go to my TPT store and download it.

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