Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fruit Loop Patterns and Field Trips!

It's been a busy week in Lower El! We learned patterns with the kindergarteners and my first/second graders loved the activity so much they asked to join in. It's amazing what Fruit Loops can do!! Can you believe multiple students had never had Fruit Loops before?! Darn us healthy Californians with all natural diets and no artificial anything. I'm the terrible teacher corrupting them! Not sure I mind though... it was fun to see them so excited to learn as they stuffed their faces! Check out some of their pattern skills below. I made them create a pattern, then tell me what type it was before they could eat it (AB, AABB, ABC, etc.). They caught on to the letter pattern concept crazy quick. Oh the things food can do to help kids learn :)

This would be the first SET of patterns by my little genius boy.

We have not one but TWO field trips this week (in lieu of an overnight trip like the older grades at our school). Today we went to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo! The kids were so good today! I've discovered field trips have a tendency of being great, or a day of chaos. I sent a text to the mom of my super challenging little guy to tell her things were going well (I almost didn't let him come with us) and she was soooo sweet and asked how I  was doing. I have the most amazing parents this year. Totally realistic about how I have my hands full this year, and always willing to help make my life easier. Love them! Today was a great day!

Tomorrow we are going strawberry picking at the strawberry farm. The sweetest old couple run the family farm and were so patient with my little guys last year. I just had to come back with my new group this year. Plus they had the best strawberries!!

Upcoming: I'm working on the Treasures Unit 2 Vocabulary Matching activities for 2nd grade. Unit 1 had tons of downloads and I had a specific request for Unit 2. It's on the way and I'll post it to my TPT by this weekend. Perhaps Unit 3 also if I have enough time.

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