Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A toilet on my classroom floor & a freebie cartoon

This has been such a wacky day, that I'm just going to go in order... There are a ton of pictures since direct instruction wasn't an option for much of today!!

I got a very sweet email from a parent last night after I made a social skills cartoon for their kid and emailed it to them. It said "Hi Lisa, I'm so very glad your [my kid's] teacher!" I just love emails that start like that!! Here is the cartoon. I think I'll be making a lot of these this year. My plan is to make a PDF of all of them and put it in my Freebie tab at the top of my blog soon. If you want this without the "running away" section, let me know and I can post a revised version if any of you need it.

Did I mention that my classroom toilet flooded the bathroom on Friday at the end of the day? Well, they made an appointment to have the plumber come fix it today, and I was thrilled about it. My wee little ones still have trouble dressing themselves and cry for help, but I can't hear if they are in the outside bathroom. Yay for plumbers! Until... they show up at 8:25 which is the exact time the bell rings for my kids come into my tiny class. At 8:30 he took the toilet out of the bathroom and put it in my classroom! I know there was no where else to put it, and it desperately needed fixing, but I just wish I'd known this would happen on more than 30 seconds notice so I could find an alternative place to hold class. See the pics below. I was laughing at how ridiculous the situation was and took a quick pic as I was giggling.


The secretary looked over my kids while I ran around school trying to find a place to take my kids. I ended up choosing the (tiny) library without any open tables (both were covered in giant piles of books the new librarian was organizing). I ran back to class and threw everything I thought we may need in 2 hours until recess into a create! It contained: my laptop, the seat work folders, pencil jar, Wednesday folder holding all of todays copies, supply boxes, playdoh, new playdoh letter mats, and a giant coloring pad as a backup activity. Not bad for a 2 minute packing job! Can you tell I've done this on other disaster days?! Although I did forget the clipboards and send the secretary back for those.

This library floor was my classroom for 2 hours :)
My emergency teaching basket created in under 2 mins!

The playdoh mats were a freebie I coincidentally downloaded last night from Kindergarten Lifestyle and laminated this morning. Thanks Jeannie Partin! They were a huge hit with my kids and just what I needed on a crazy day like today!! Check out the pics of my kids having fun with them!

Oh! So we have a cat at school. Well, he's not really ours, but we love him anyway. He's a neighborhood cat that LOVES to visit our school. His name is Smokey. Well we said hello to him on the playground during a break outside to play Duck, Duck, Goose. Then we went back inside without him... or so I thought. One of the boys squealed as Smokey came in our back door! So he was in my class for minute until I took a pic to share with you and kicked him out. He's great, but no kid learns when they have a friendly cat to play with!

Smokey the School Cat

Today was day 2 of my color unit with the kinders. I'll post 1st/2nd grade stuff soon. They've been doing lots of testing, so nothing blog worthy for the older guys!

Color Sorting: green, yellow, blue, red, other
Matching Color Words

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  1. Ugh - I feel you on those wacky days! Today we got to work to discover our school (luckily not including my room) had been robbed over the night! Nuts! Hope tomorrow goes more smoothly :)

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper


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