Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cheap Learning Games

Hello Friends! Happy Sunday! I just got done with a great game of soccer and now I'm all energized! This morning I got an email from Jennifer who thankfully caught a tiny typo on the 1st Grade Common Core Math Record. The word "fourth" in the geometry section was accidentally spelled "forth." Jennifer and I believe auto-correct was plotting against me that day :) Please click here to download the revised copy: Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook

Yesterday I went shopping at Ross with my mom when she wanted some cute socks for my baby niece and nephew. While we were wandering in the kids section, I found these wonderful games for crazy cheap! I've bought other versions of their games for around $12 and I had a dozen choices and they were only $4.99 each! I never would have thought to look at Ross for learning games, but there they were! I picked up these four: Upper & Lower Case Letters, Sequencing, Who Am I?, and Rhyme. Serious time savers for centers that I no longer have to make for my wiggly little ones!!

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