Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Love Robert Munsch!!

I just love Robert Munsch books!! So I realize the first 2 weeks of kindergarten are usually all about Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and I love the book too, but I wanted my kids to learn what an author was so I chose to do one author for all my read alouds this week. I really wanted the kids to know that one person wrote all these books and he loves to be funny. This also is great because some of my 1st/2nd grade kids have autism and need some help to understand "funny." Robert Munsch is my favorite children's author. Who is yours?? Do you have a favorite book by them??

As part of my Munsch madness this week I read Kiss Me I'm Perfect! by none other than Robert Munsch. This one is always a winner! The kids think it's hysterical that the girl gets kissed by crazy animals, and bonus points for being at an age that just the word "kissing" makes them burst into fits of giggles! So on to the cute part of my story... as I'm sitting on the floor reading and I get to the part where an eagle gives the main character a kiss on the nose. Without missing a beat, one boy runs over to me and kisses me on the nose!! I busted up laughing. I'm sure this makes me some sort of terrible teacher for not correcting him, or saying how inappropriate that was, but I'm also not sure I care! It was adorable!! I actually really like that it's only the 2nd week of school and my little guys are already opening up to me.

I love his books so much that I flew through Canada on my way back from Ireland last year, and bought his newest book (at the time) Too Much Stuff because it wasn't available in the USA yet! My friend totally laughed at me as I paid for it :)

Here are a few more great titles by Munsch:
More Pies!
Smelly Socks
Love You Forever
Aaron's Hair
Andrew's Loose Tooth
The Sandcastle Contest
Alligator Baby

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