Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reading, Letter Crafts and Graphing!

It's been such a busy week that I'm not even sure where to begin! I started doing CrossFit with another teacher this week and by the time I get home I'm ready to crawl in bed. My arms are crazy sore. I tried to pick up a kid to help him reach something and I about collapsed. I'm looking at the bright side and thinking about what great shape I'll be in this fall/winter! Right now I'm just really sore!

I had an amazing "ah ha!" moment this week! I have one little kindergarten boy who was HATING school and detests the idea that it involves working, not just playing. Trying to get him to do his Brown Bear, Brown Bear paper book this week was like torture for him on Monday! Then suddenly on Tuesday morning he did all of his work and then ASKED for Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I handed it to him and he proceeded to "read" the whole thing to a buddy! I was soooo excited! That kid had a total disaster of a day (and so did I) on Monday, to a positively perfect day yesterday and today.

This week our letter of the week was "A" so we made a letter craft. The kids really enjoyed it so I think we'll do it again next week for "M." I actually taught "M" last week, but I hadn't thought about the craft until it was too late to add it to the plans. Next week is a review week for our first 2 letters, so it works out well anyway. This week I also started singing Dr. Jean's "Lettercise" song and the kids love, love, love it!! I mean how often does the teacher tell kids to run and jump in class?! They just think it's the greatest thing ever. Sorry the pics are upside down. My work computer plots against me quite often! Today is one of those days...

This week we also started patterns and graphing. Today's activity was to sort beads by color, then graph them using a picture graph (drawing circles). This was a huge success, and it helped me see my little guys are much better at one-to-one counting and graphing than I expected! They hardly needed any help. A great way to start the year.

Tonight is Back to School Night, so I'll be here for another 4.5 hours... I'm so glad I have super sweet families this year. Crossing fingers tonight goes well. I need to clean up my mess of a classroom and sanitize the tables/chairs before the parents are forced to sit in them!

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