Monday, September 3, 2012

Currently on a Gorgeous Day!

It is amazingly beautiful outside today! It's been the nicest weekend in ages, and it's really not helping my procrastination today. I have work I really need to do, but I'd love to just go sit in the sunshine. Oh! That's and idea! I can go sit out in my backyard to do lesson plans! Although I may just get tempted to nap in the sun instead.

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I have music blaring and an empty house (unless you count my 2 sleeping doggies). Perfect for getting some great work done. But it's so beautiful out and I've loved my fun weekend so far. I had a shopping day with mom on Saturday, and a trip to Raging Waters with a teacher friend and our former student she's babysitting this week while his parents are on a trip. Isn't it crazy that I teach at a school where we are so close to our kids families that we actually watch their kids/dogs/houses?! I think we'd be sued/fired if we did that at a public school. There are advantages to our teeny tiny school and working with nice families for many years.

I have soooo much lesson planning and assessment grading to do. Once again I've fallen victim to blogging sucking me in instead of work. Ok, well maybe victim isn't the right word since I'm totally doing this on my own free will because it sounds so much more fun than work does right now.

My favorite art & wine festival of the year is next weekend. I can't wait! I love wandering around in the sunshine all day! Plus, my favorite pasta guy is always there with yummy flavored pasta that I stock up on. I can only get it at the festival or mail order and have it shipped from Arizona. Or I can make some of the flavors myself, but this is so much easier on a busy work day. Did you know I can make fresh pasta? I love it, but it's no weekday adventure!

My plan after this blog post:
-plan all subject areas for the next (thankfully short) week
-plan/prepare/make this week's centers
-grade the assessments used for measuring growth over the year and determining where to begin the kids' lessons/groups
-BBQ a yummy dinner because the neighbor dude's delicious BBQ smell is wandering into my living room and making me hungry!


  1. My friends and hubs and i had our own wine festival last night! it sure was fun! Hope you have a great time at your festival next weekend! Following the rule of three from the link up!


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    1. Thanks!! You're my 50th follower! Yay! I'm following you now too :)

  3. Good luck getting your plans done! So much more fun blog stalking . . . .

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  4. Arizona is probably a little far for me to travel for the wine fest. Rats! I love wine and I might need it after my first full week of school this week. :)
    Funky First Grade Fun


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