Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scholastic Dollar Deals!!

Do you know about the Scholastic Dollar Deals?! If not, you should!!! I love the resource books from Scholastic to help supplement my materials, create hands-on learning activities, and just plain spice up the curriculum!! While these are all great things, the cost of teacher resource books really adds up! I always stock up on them during the Dollar Deals! Today I spent a whopping $9 and got over $100 worth of materials!! What makes it even better, I was able to pay with PayPal with my Teacher's Notebook sale money and not even touch my bank account! Plus, since they are eBooks I can access them anywhere for planning, and I don't have to dig on a book shelf. I just print pages as needed. (No I'm in no way being paid or encouraged to write this by Scholastic. I just love it THIS MUCH!!

Tonight I also plan on working on my social skills reading curriculum. I'll post my latest story title and the response activities as soon as they are ready.

Here are a few of the Dollar Deals I got that I'm super excited about! Hurry if you want any, it only lasts 3 days.

The MEGA-BOOK of Instant Word-Building Mats
Perfect for centers or independent practice time!
Guess-Me Poems & Puzzles: Alphabet
Spice up my initial sounds practice with puzzles!
The Big Book of Pocket Chart Poems: ABCs & 123s
Great for my new pocket chart center

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