Saturday, September 15, 2012

Getting into a Routine

My class seems to finally be "getting it." I'm seeing the things I teach them are totally sinking in! Yesterday I had one bouncing bunny of a student dump my latte onto my lesson plan book and a good chunk of the day's copies. Still not sure if it was really an accident or a curious monster that wanted to see what would happen... Anyway, that isn't my point. My favorite part was the reaction of my kids whose papers got messy! They said "it's okay, it doesn't have to be perfect. Just do your best with it!!" I just love them! After such a terribly scary Thursday, it was great way to end the week on Friday.

I have one kindergartner who has been hating school and the days just seem too long for him (8:30-3:15) and he was really struggling. He had a PERFECT day yesterday and got all of his points. I wasn't on duty at lunch time (Friday is the only day I'm not out there when the kids eat) and my little guy was looking everywhere for me because he missed me. Such a happy change from crying for his mom earlier in the week! I'll admit, I discovered Halloween was his favorite holiday, and I stocked up on secret surprises for him when I caught him being good. Thanks again Target dollar isle!! So far he's gotten a bat pencil and a monster stamper.

I spent my day at an art and wine festival with a fellow teacher today. Such a lovely 80 degree afternoon! I love the last bits of summer. I'll be doing my lesson planning tomorrow. I'll post any goodies I finish on here tomorrow, including the next story in my social skills curriculum. I think it will be "Whole Body Listening Larry."

Elmer's 1680 CrayonPro Electric Sharpener

Have you seen this?! It's a crayon sharpener that peals off the paper too! I sooo don't need to spend this much ($43), but I really want to! Any of you have one?

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