Sunday, August 12, 2012

Classroom Chair Pocket Pattern

My sewing machine and I have been spending a lot of time together during the last 24 hours! I made 6 chair pockets for my classroom chairs! I'm so excited to add some storage to my tiny classroom cottage. For those who don't know, my class really is a cottage! It's absolutely adorable, but sooo far from practical for classroom use!! So I get creative with my classroom organization. I plan on using the kids' seat work folders a lot this year, and now the kids will be able to store them right on their chairs! This opens up the space where I used to keep them in my class.

I designed the pattern, and my super sewing mom helped figure out the dimensions for the cuts. Then I did all the cutting and sewing with a bit of her help to make it go faster. I was able to get 6 chairs done in 24 hours, with lots of breaks to take pictures and write down notes about how I was doing it. I'm a sewing novice... I'm talking pajamas and pillow cases... so if I can make these, anyone with a sewing machine can make them too! I typed out very detailed instructions (sewing for dummies style) along with step-by-step full color pictures. These instructions are now available in my TPT and Teacher's Notebook store! Just click on the pictures below.

 I'm also contemplating making these covers for other teachers. It looks like it would be about $7/chair plus shipping. I can make it with one pocket, or two pockets like the picture above. The fabric is available in all the basic rainbow colors. If you would be interested in being one of my first customers for this new project, please let me know.
(TPT Link)

(Teacher's Notebook Link)

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