Thursday, August 23, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday

We just started our teacher work days yesterday, and I'm already at work (an hour and a half early to beat traffic) so this blog serves as some procrastination before the real work starts. These work days are busy, but not too stressful most of the time. Once the kids start... that's a whole new ball game. I have K-2 kiddos with disabilities and autism/asperger's is the most common. I have more than my fair share of rough days. My little guys can become upset easily, are sensitive to sensory things such as an unexpected noise, and they often struggle with emotional regulation. I can't even count the number of tantrums that have happened in this adorable little cottage. I've learned how to deal with them, and help the little guys calm down, but it sure can be stressful! Here are a few of the ways I like to wind down:

1) A glass of wine at our favorite little wine bar, or even on my couch in my pj's (even if it's only 5:30 sometimes!). I don't live very far from Napa/Sonoma, so we often take little day trips up there and bring back a little stash of our favorite wines that we can't get in stores for those super rough days.

Cline, one of my favorite wineries ever!

2) Soccer!! I've played my whole life, and it really helps to turn my mood around. Whether it's the kids, parents, or administration, I know I go run around a kick something and it all feels better. Not to mention the friends I have on my team who are teachers too and let me vent a little when I need to.

3) A bubble bath! There's nothing like some bath salts, bubbles, and some Nora Jones to calm me right down! Sometimes I get so comfy in there I have to turn the hot water back on when it starts to turn cold.

4) A phone call with my best friend in Colorado. She likes to hear my crazy stories about what happens in my class and what kooky things the kids did that day. Then she tells me about her work stories and it serves as a good distraction. I think I know more about the Coca-Cola company than I ever thought possible, and now she knows a little more about autism and kids with disabilities.

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