Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chair Pockets

My latest summer project has been chair pockets! My little cottage was not built to be a classroom, and has very little storage for student materials. I decided chair pockets would be great, but they are expensive to buy a set of and aren't always the most attractive things.

With lots of help from my super sewing mom, I designed a 2 pocket chair cover. Then we worked together to make a sample. We used a random scrap of brown airplane fabric (that I have no intention of putting in my classroom!). This way we could make mistakes and take it apart and work out the kinks in the pattern.

We finished the sample in just one night and the rest should be pretty easy since I wrote out notes so we won't forget each step. I picked a bright cheerful blue for the chair covers that will be in my class. I'll post pictures of them soon. I'm also going to try and create a full color instruction booklet to put in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook stores.
Back of chair with a 8x11 folder in the big pocket, and a small notepad peeking out of the small pocket
Front of the chair with the cover on

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