Friday, August 24, 2012

Last Day Before Students Come!

Today was the last teacher work day before I see the students! We have a Back to School Picnic on Sunday when the families will be here to say hello to the teachers right before the first day of school. While I don't love coming to work on weekends, it's usually a very pleasant afternoon. It also takes away a lot of the first day of school anxiety that comes with my special little ones. Plus I had 3 out of my 5 for summer school and their parents have all said how excited they are to see me again, so that's a very good start!

My class is all ready to go (I think!) and I have little welcome packets made up for parents. I have the schedule all sorted out, and a general plan for how I'm doing the beginning of the year assessments during the first week of school. I figure the best idea will be to use it as a great time to practice quiet learning centers. It will be a combination of easy centers, and testing (instead of "teacher time") during the centers rotation.  I'm crossing my fingers that it all goes well. Worst comes to worst, I'll just extend the testing into the second week of school. I'm not on any time constraints, I just hate standardized tests with the little guys and I like to get it over with.

Sadly I couldn't participate in Freebie Friday with Blog Hoppin'. There just wasn't any time in the day. On the upside, my co-workers are going to go hang out for a bit on this nice and sunny Friday afternoon before the first week of school exhaustion sinks in next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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