Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ready to see my new classroom?!

Be warned, this place is mess right now! But I'm so excited about this new school that I just had to share! The teacher who had this room last year still needs to come move stuff over to the other room, so our things are just piled on tables right now. Either way, I thought I'd share! It'll get fixed up next week :)

Lauren, my new co-teacher, is awesome! We weren't able to get much actual work done today, since the room isn't cleared out, but we made the most of it by chatting all day! We have a general plan of how we want to lay out the classroom when the time comes. We also have a plan of attack for how we want to start the year. I don't officially start until Monday, but I'm enjoying the time to get to know people and my room without a set schedule of meetings and things that have to be done.

So without further adieu... our room! (Or what will eventually be a nice version of our room. I'll post "after" pics later.)

We still need to pick a theme. I was thinking ocean, but with all of this green, I'm now thinking maybe a garden theme would be best! Who doesn't love flowers and butterflies?! We'll see, I could totally change my mind by tomorrow :)

Did you know they made sea foam green desks?! I didn't! The door goes to our little courtyard. I'll have to show you that another day.
Obviously all of these piles will disappear in the next week. I'll posted the finished room pictures later! It's always more fun to see both "before" and "after" anyway. It makes it more dramatic!

I have a SmartBoard!!! I haven't had technology in 4 years!! I'm thrilled!! Oh, and we have iPads!! Yippee skippy!!! I might have just died and gone to teacher heaven!
This is our small group room. It's actually a separate little closet area so my co-teacher and I can be in separate places teaching small groups without interrupting each other.

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