Monday, June 3, 2013

Only 4 more days of school!

Ok, so I wish I could say I was a super amazing teacher today...but it's the last week of school...and I'm changing schools. Amazing isn't quite going to happen. I have a firm rule that I will ALWAYS teach reading, writing and math no matter what happens. My little guys are too "special" to skip the core subjects or break routine too much. I've learned if I do all "H-E-double hockey sticks" breaks loose!

Today we had a "shadow" student checking out our class to possibly join the school next year, which was motivation for me to be a super teacher up through lunch time when he went home. Then my kiddos worked their bottoms off through math.

Then...Mary Poppins happened! My kids are LOVING the movie. At first they were skeptical because it wasn't a cartoon, but within 5 min. they were hooked! I mean come on, they have people talking to CARTOONS!! This hasn't happened in recent movies (the newest one I can think of is Space Jam) so my guys think it's the coolest thing since sliced bread! They normally have the attention span of gnats, but they will happily sit through 45 min or an hour of it at a time. It's a long movie, so it's perfect to stretch out over the last couple of days of school. Today they got to the part where the characters giggled so hard they floated to the ceiling and desperately asked me if they could really happen. Too cute!

Movie = Lisa has time to pack!

Packing is exhausting! I packed/cleaned out the class while the kids watched Mary Poppins. I think I'm actually closer to being done than I thought. It looks like a ton of stuff, but honestly a bunch of it was junk from the other teacher I never got around to getting rid of. She was very much into crafts and playing, so I have a full closet still, but honestly it's not mine. All those toys are staying put! So I'm leaving it as a "present" to the next teacher. Who knows, maybe she'll be crazy into crafts too. Don't get me wrong, I do plenty of cutesy junk with my munchkins, but honestly the amount of supplies is just plain excessive! I haven't bought supplies in 4 years and there is plenty still sitting there!

My kids helped me carry old posters and junk out to the dumpster and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I seriously need to take advantage of their helper skills on Thursday when it's time to give our class the final clean up!

Tomorrow is field day! I am on the brown team...really that's the best color you could give me??

My kids are split into different teams because our school is wacky. We only have 100 kids in K-12, so they make mixed age teams with the idea that the big kids can help the little kids. Having my class go against the 3rd-4th grade class just wouldn't be fair. I get it...but my kids don't. One kid was in tears about not getting to be with his class for the whole day. And my kids don't do well with losing...and they lose a lot. So I expect tears. I like to prepare for the worst and be happy with anything better than that!

Okay, I'm off to move boxes out of my car. Then take some Emergen-C because my throat is killing me! I'm crossing my fingers it's just allergies. I can't lose my voice on field day!

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