Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's almost time for my new class!

I'm officially going to start moving into my new classroom on Tuesday!! I know most teachers get the whole summer off, but my new school does a "July School" and teachers start the last week of June. Then kids start in the first week of July.

Sorry for disappearing for the last few days, but I figured if I only get a week and a half between jobs, I'm going to relax a bit! I disappeared to a spa in Calistoga (yes, like the water). It's a cute little town in wine country so went wine tasting in Napa. It's the first time I've ever taken a vacation alone and I loved it! I met so many great people! I thought for sure I'd be alone in my room or by the pool reading a book for 3 days. Turns out I met so many great people that I only had time to read a chapter or two! Such fun! A mani/pedi with a friend, a relaxing massage, and 3 days away from stress...AMAZING!

Since teacher weeks are mostly meetings and planning, my co-teacher and I are going to start moving our classroom this week. We found out we get the bigger classroom, but it means we have to swap rooms with the teaching team who gets our smaller room. I think there is already furniture and stuff to be moved, so I may have to wait until we move that before I bring in all my teaching junk that currently resides the my hallway of my house!!

I'll take pics of the new room when I have them. My co-teacher knows about my TPT stuff, but she has no idea I'm a blogger. Looks like I'm going to have to tell her! Haha. I figure she needs to know sooner or later before she thinks I'm a crazy person for taking pictures of a bunch of our lessons all the time.

So as of right now my class has 9 kiddos in it. I have no idea what there disabilities are at this point, but they are all high functioning and in the 1st/2nd grade. I'm so excited! I've been told a couple could be tough ones, but honestly, I think my old school takes kids who are WAY rougher than this school. So I'm curious what they consider a "behavior problem," because it may not be as rough as I'm used to. Or at least that's what I'm hoping for ;)

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