Monday, June 17, 2013

Creating a Home Behavior System

Today I went to visit a student and his mom at their home and we had a lovely lunch together.  Such a lovely family! At lunch he introduced me to a random dad at the cafe as his "former teacher." Haha. I discovered I can't quite give up a couple of these I didn't. I met with one today, and tomorrow I start tutoring one of the kiddos.

This happens to be Genius Boy and his family who I saw today, for those of you loyal readers who've read as a babbled on about how much his brain mesmerizes me! One of my requests was for him to be officially tested for his IQ this summer so I know just how hard to push him when I work with him. It turns out...he's one smart cookie!! Realistically he's probably even higher because he lost points when he outsmarted the test by giving complex answers when it just wanted the easy-peasy version. Honestly, his mom and I chatted about switching him to home school since regular school can't keep up with him.

Out of all of out chit chatting for 3 hours we planned some projects to keep his mind busy through the summer. Then she had a great idea of working on a home behavior system together. After years of teaching special education, I have a great system that works at school. I'm going to tweak it and develop it into a full home behavior system. So now comes the part where I decide which concepts are universal, and which things need to be added in for the home.

I'd like to make this a great, all-inclusive, home behavior pack. I'd like to include behavior charts, posters for expected behaviors, and a general explanation of the behavior system and how it works. The best element of a behavior system is consistency! I want to make this an easy-to-implement system that any parent can use.

Do you have kids at home? Which concepts or routines do you think should be included in a home behavior system?

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