Monday, June 24, 2013

Guess who went home sick on her first day...

Yep! Me! It was my first official day at my brand new job that I'm SUPER excited about! I went to bed all excited and anxious all rolled into one last night. Then I woke up...and could barely open my eye since it was all icky.

Instantly I thought, "This is NOT happening! NOT on my first day!" I mean really, I can't call in sick on my first day! Then I thought about maybe rushing over to urgent care before I go, but I'd surely be late and because wouldn't be an acceptable choice either! Late or missing on your first day is NOT the best impression.

So I washed my face, scrubbed all germs from my hands, put on glasses instead of contacts and went on my way while refusing to touch my face or any people around me. I smiled at everyone, explained my situation and arranged a time to leave early. I washed my hands 800 times, consciously made sure not to touch my face or eyes, and pretended it wasn't getting worse until lunch time when all of my new hire paperwork was turned in. Every time I met someone new I politely refused to shake their hand and explained the situation.

The staff is amazing. I love them already. It's such a fun environment! Everyone was so understanding when I had to leave early. Looks like my first full day will have to wait until Wednesday just in case I'm contagious. I've got extra strong meds to make it better and make me so I'm not contagious.

My class is a still a mess, but I'll fix it up when we have lots of time in our rooms at the end of the week. I'm sooo grateful our Head of School is giving us that time! I still have all of my teaching stuff at my house!

So me and my blurry eye are off to get some rest. Updates on my new room later!

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