Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goodbye Summer Break! You were nice while you lasted...

While I am NOT thrilled about the shortest summer in my career as a teacher, I am VERY thrilled about starting my new job tomorrow! I'm already loving my new co-teacher and we get to set up our class this week! On the upside, we get 3 weeks off in August which will be a nice little break!

Sorry I've been quiet on the blog lately. The truth is, I've been putting in a lot of work on our brand new collaborative blog! It's been a gigantic success! I couldn't have imaged it being a better start! If you haven't checked out A Special Sparkle yet, you definitely should!

Also, I've been in Sparks, Nevada all weekend! It was our annual family reunion and I've been spending time with my nieces and nephew who live out of state. While I head off to pick out my outfit for tomorrow, I'll leave you with adorable pictures of me with my niece and nephew!

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