Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pictures of My New Classroom Setup!

Happy Friday! I was up really late last night getting things ready for our first day of school. We start in a week on July 8th, but next week not an official teacher work week and I don't have keys to my room yet. I was scrambling to get things done today in order to be ready when I come back on the 1st day of school.

Yes, I know it is silly that there is a week between teacher work week and the first day of school... I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the company I work for being closed July 4th & 5th.

 I think I managed to get it everything essential done. My co-teacher is in a foreign country with her family, so there was only so much I could do without her. I have the room all set up and some lesson plans ready to go, so I figure that's the most important thing. The rest we can sort out when she gets back.

We have a MONSTER theme!!
(It's all boys in our class. I think they'll totally dig it)
There are a couple areas that still need work, but it's not too shabby for putting the room together by myself if just 3 days. I figure it's summer school with shorter days, so we'll have time in the afternoons to perfect our classroom together once my partner gets back.

Take a peek! I walked in a circle around my room so you get the full view! A few things still need work, but for the most part, this will be how my room looks this year.

The first two are my small group room so my co-teacher and I can both teach at the same time without interrupting each other.

The posters go with our curriculum

View from my front door, our teacher desks are under the windows

Next is a view from the back of the room. That space in the top left of the photo under the bare corkboard and magnetic board is the "Calm Down Corner" for when the kids get frustrated. It needs some serious love next week, but I couldn't find the things I wanted to put over there. And the calender area is rather bad too, but I kinda want to do SmartBoard calendar once we get the new projector bulb for it anyway.

View from the windows:

My monster behavior chart! I made it from some of the materials in this classroom decor set. It includes a behavior chart, but the wording is different than I use, so I made my own that still matches the name tags in her set that I'm using.

My door! Ignore the emergency procedures I have to leave there!
This might be the funniest part! Look at the reflection of me in the mirror and think about the size proportions! Yep, that sink goes to my knees! And that goes up to my shins. We have a preschool bathroom inside my 1st-2nd class! Hahahaha. Even the kids think it's too small!

Adorable monster board, soon to be social skills curriculum stuff!
Zones of regulation...MONSTER STYLE! We are thinking of calling it "controlling your inner monster!"
And my AMAZING courtyard!!!
And we can't forget Tavish! He is the therapy dog who loves my room so much that he wandered in without his handler yesterday! I'm soooo excited to have my class work with him this year! I've never had a therapy dog at school before, and I'm already loving it! He's visited me just about every day that I've been working in the room this week :)

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