Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wacky Thursday Saved by Dr. Seuss! Sporty Teacher!

Hey Guys! This was one of those days where it was one thing after another. It's Dr. Seuss week and boy was I grateful! It gave me every reason to control the chaos through multiple story times! I honestly read 3 (maybe 4) Dr. Seuss books because it was the only thing that made the kids regain their sanity. BEST AUTHOR EVER! Tomorrow will be Dr. Seuss Day! Everything Seuss! I should probably go print some stuff in color now...

Today's books were Fox in Socks, Wacky Wednesday, and I Am NOT Going to Get Up Today! The kids thought it was HYSTERICAL that my tongue got so twisted reading Fox in Socks! I honestly kept a glass of water next to me while reading it because I was losing my voice as I read. Haha. I also did a super craft but you'll have to check back on Saturday to see it! It's part of my new linky! (Official announcement for that is tomorrow!).

The Wackiness:
  • A kid had a tantrum before ever walking into class. And I mean a DOOZY of one! Thankfully we got it all worked out and he had an amazing day starting around 9:00 am! I don't know what I would have done if it lasted all day!
  • Another kid accidentally (I saw it) got jumped on and bounced off the playground onto the tanbark. Thankfully we have deep tanbark that doesn't hurt to fall on! No injuries (thank goodness!!!) but then the kid had no concept of "accident" and proceeded to have a terrible rest of the day because of how angry he was at his classmate for jumping on him and making him fall.
  • My classroom is getting new carpet (YAY!!) but that means my ENTIRE room has to be moved into my tiny class kitchen since my whole classroom is carpeted. I'm working on getting it into tubs this week so I can shove it in nice stacks, then reorganize it all in the *new* cabinets that are being added to my room after the carpet is in. The insanely nice carpenter guy doing the work offered to move all my big stuff, but it makes me nervous that I won't find anything I need when I walk in Monday morning, so I'm moving a bunch myself.
Super Sporty Teacher!
Yesterday crazy me decided to sign up for the 2013 CrossFit Games! I am a novice at this sport, but I decided to challenge myself a little. I have ZERO chance of winning, I just wanted to prove I'm not the worst in the world. I did 70 burpees (evil jumping jack/pushup things) and 36 snatches (overhead weightlifting) in 17 minutes. I know most of this means nothing to you, since I didn't even know what this stuff was until September when I started, but I'm excited right now! My goal was to get 100 points, and I got 106! Yay! I lifted 75 pounds from the ground to over my head! Wahoo!! That's a new record for me! Curious what this crazy thing is? Just click the link below :)

Funny Story: Last week I hurt myself and got a HUGE lump on my leg. A kid kicked me under the table (it happens 10 times a day) and that was NOT a normal reaction for me. The kids insisted on seeing if I was okay and saw the huge scrape and lump. I had drew a stick figure of myself with a barbell over my head and explained how I dropped it on myself. Hysterical! These kids are going to have some funny stories about their kindergarten teacher when they grow up!

Silly Great News! Pocket Full of Therapy just contacted me to have me try out some new special scissors for kids with fine motor struggles! They are sending me a free pair! So excited! I've never gotten to do something like this before! I'll show you when I get them :)

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  1. Hi, I'm your newest follower and you site is sooo cute! I can't wait to hear about the scissors. I love Pocket Full of Therapy--they have awesome fidget toys!

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