Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter "Time" Complete Set is Ready! Creating Clipart?!

Happy Tuesday! It's another painfully quiet morning in Lower El. I have exactly one student who is actually getting annoyed by me helping him so much! Too funny. I'll be up to 3 kids starting at lunch time and the class should be back to normal by tomorrow. I guess I shouldn't complain about some peace and quiet after all the kicking and screaming tantrums we had at the beginning of the year!

On the upside, it means I have time to tell you that I finished my Easter Time Set last night! It includes EVERY SINGLE TIME to the quarter hour!! It's a 12 page set! I just love how bright and colorful this set is! I also added two little bonus worksheets just because...

You can still pick up a free version, but it only includes time to the hour. This is a great little freebie for students who are at the beginning stages of learning to tell time. It's also my little addition to the Elementary Matters Easter Freebie Linky :)

Next topic of discussion...CLIPART! I've decided to try my hand at creating clipart for TPT and Teacher's Notebook. My mom is quite crafty, so this will actually be a joint project with her. I don't think I've mentioned it (thinking I'd keep this blog positive) but my mom lost her job when the economy crashed. She's been out of work for multiple years (minus a short contract job or two) so I moved home so she could keep the house I grew up in. Anyway... in the middle of my Easter Time creating I thought of a great idea... CLIPART! I always buy clipart from other teachers on TPT for my little projects now, so I thought I could try and create my own to help support my mom a little more. If you have any specific types of clipart you'd like to see on TPT for your projects, just let me know and I'll see what we can do.

A new drawing tablet is on the way now so I hope I can test it out and post some freebie clipart by next week for you guys to try out! If you are a clipart creator I'd love to hear any tips you may have!! Requests or suggestions? Email me at teacherlisasclass@gmail.com
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