Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A peaceful day :)

Hey guys!

I have a few things to share, but neither are quite ready yet! I printed some super cute labels and started labeling bins and binders on my *new* bookcases! I have so much storage that books are falling over from too much space. NEVER has that happened since I've been at this school!
Torn paper crafting!

I also I have a St. Patrick's Day craft, but it got interrupted by a last minute assembly. I'll post the finished product tomorrow. Well, technically it was planned ahead of time, the administration just failed to mention to teachers until this morning that it was a whole school assembly. Somehow the high school teachers thought it was for us, and the elementary teachers thought it was for the big kids.

Anyway, dudes on skateboards taught the kids the physics of how skateboarding works and how the skateboards flip and turn. I was actually impressed at the information given to the kids like inertia and the laws of physics (object at rest, object in motion, etc.). Watching the guys set up outside my classroom, I was convinced they were skater boys who didn't want to get real jobs, so they chose to do skateboarding assemblies. Haha. Thankfully that actually shared real information while looking very skater-ish in their wrinkled shirts.

Today's Peacefulness:
I had TWO kids this morning! That's it...just TWO! Then one went to speech and I had ONE STUDENT and this happened again when the other one went to speech. At one point, one kid quit working because he didn't like me helping every 2 seconds. I had to step away and help him from across the room as I put labels on my bins in order for him to get back to work since he didn't like me hovering. Haha!

Sadly, one boy has had a terrible fever and another moved away so it was a super quiet day. Do you know what that means? guessed it. Tomorrow is doomed to be madness! I already know we have a bunch of people coming in my room to check out my class for "open house" where people see if our school is where they want to send their little guys next year (or now I guess) if they are unhappy with their current school. Strangers walking in and out for 2 hours usually throws the kids off.

Ta ta for now!


  1. My students love doing tear art! We usually do at least 2 "tear art" projects every year.

    All the Dots

  2. Your leprechaun face torn crafting looks like the same activity we are doing on Friday! I'll try to post pics....I'm so terrible about remembering to take pics! Trying to get better!

    The Bender Bunch

  3. Hello! I found you on the Bender Bunch Special Ed blogs. I am really new to blogging but love to connect with other special ed teachers. I teach 3-5 in self contained. I can totally relate to your post about "Today's Peacefulness"! I have had days with only two students and it totally makes for a loooong day! LOL! And you are sooo's the calm before the storm. I'm did try something new this week so I will link up to your weekly ! If you have a chance come visit my new blog....


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