Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Crafts! Free Clipart! Sale!

This might be a VERY busy post, but I have so many goodies to share with you! I am officially on SPRING BREAK!!! YIPPEE!!! We had sooo much fun with our Easter projects in Lower El and I somehow made every one of them totally educational. Yay me!

Before I forget: Everything on my TPT and TN store is on sale now through Easter for 20% off, including my brand new clip art!
Image from Krista Wallden

First up...Easter Bunny Bags! I had a mentor teacher back in Arizona who always had projects up her sleeve for everything this little gem was one of my favorites. I do it every year and then we use the bags for our Easter egg hunt on the playground. It's super simple and super cute!

  • white paper bags (I found them at target hidden behind the brown ones)
  • glue
  • cotton balls
  • construction paper
  • stencils (make them out of old file folders- see below)
1) Make these 2 stencils. I put the paper bag on top of an old file folder and traced it, then made the ear shapes. I cut it out for the kids to use as stencils, and the bow was done free hand.

2) Trace the bunny ears on the bag, no need to trace around the bottom, it's already bag shaped

3) Cut it out. Don't forget to cut off the side flap. I usually do this for the kids because I learned my lesson when a kid accidentally cut off an ear and cried!

4) Cut out construction paper shapes for the whisters, eyes, ears, and mouth. Use the stencil to have kids trace the bow. Bow above the eyes looks like a girl, bow under the mouth makes a boy bunny. If you want dots on the bow like my example at the top, just use a hole puncher on construction paper and glue on the "holes."

5) Glue all the face shapes on, and add a cotton ball nose in the middle. Staple the tops of the ears together. You're done!


I was in a super good mood when I got home last night. The first night of spring break is like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! How did I choose to celebrate? Sitting on my couch with a glass of wine and doodling this little *freebie* for you! I also made a big set that include some cute little flower pots :)

Here is a peek at our week in pictures:
This was our Easter egg hunt learning activity. We sorted, tallied, and graphed our jelly beans

Sight word practice! The kids get the word out of the egg, read it, and copy it in the same color on their recording sheet. I got it out of a Scholastic resource book. I think it's called Super Spelling Centers or something like that.

Practicing short vowel words with this little freebie gem from Angelia at Extra Special Teaching!

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  1. I love those bunnies! So cute! Thanks for sharing!


    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. Those bunnies are TOO cute! I can't wait to shop your sale!! I created a linky party on my blog to link up our sales! Head on over and link up, please :)



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