Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Currently

Happy Saturday People! I am so excited for the weekend! I plan to relax a bit and get some serious organizing done.

There is a semi-formal dinner/dance with the parents of our students tonight and I'm conveniently avoiding it. I am at a private school and we have all sorts of "fun" events that aren't mandatory, but really they kinda are. As a staff, we've all decided we're allowed to skip one a year. This one is mine this year. It's a really nice dinner, a live band, and a dance floor. This all sounds fun, but then there is the fact that I live at least 30 minutes away (depending on traffic) and  we're with a bunch of parents of our students. So we either have to be very careful what we talk about, or we somehow end up talking about their kids and it feels like conferences.

Time for Currently!! Thanks again for being a great host Farley!
Listening- I have been a busy bee this week and missed just about every one of my shows. Hulu is my friend this morning, and the current show is Touch. I'm mesmerized by this little show. I think it might have something to do with the kid reminding me of my students with autism. The ones who have so much going on in their little heads, but don't really say much. It's like a mystical world when something jumps out and you see just how much the kid knows/thinks about.

Loving- Lululemon! I've become a CrossFit addict! It's a good addiction since I'm super in shape now, but it's caused a shopping problem! I made this mistake of buying one pair of Lululemon pants, and now I realize how amazing they are. I can't even wear a couple of my cheapy ones from Target anymore after wearing these!
My latest purchase. Love them!!
Thinking- I need to write a formal lesson plan this weekend. It's part of my "Top Secret" if you read my post yesterday. Do you know how long it's been since I've had to write one?! I feel like I only do it once a year and it takes all my effort to remember all the parts. I honestly have ones from grad school saved so I can reference them. Hahaha! I'm choosing my Geoboard lesson that went so amazingly this week :)

Wanting- I want a vacation! Sadly, I also want someone to go with! My best teacher friends are newbie teachers so we know what that means...they're broke. I'm thinking I might book an overnight trip in Napa/Sonoma or something. I'm so close that it's a super easy drive from here. I figure it would be super cheap for a couple days during the middle of the week.

Needing- To organize my files! I don't have a file cabinet at school because I teach in a cottage where there is no logical place for one. Most of my stuff is in binders, but I've been keeping some on shelves, and it looks tacky. So I now have more binders and 2 new file folder boxes to put them in. I'll also be doing some serious recycling!

These L words were hard! I had to use Google to come up with a couple

Like- Ladybugs (inspired by the caterpillars we've had in my class all week)

Love- Lululemon! I've already explained this obsession above!

Hate- Lice! It's my number 1 teacher fear!! One year I wore my hair in an old lady librarian bun for 3 weeks straight as the kids in my class passed it around. Eeek!!!


  1. LOVE those workout pants! When I am completely recovered from my knee surgery I will definitly be snagging some of those to get back in shape. Thanks so much for sharing, I loved reading your currently :)

  2. I hate lice too! I had a huge problem in my classroom last year with that and I ended up buying this spray from my hair dresser: It's worked so far!

    What's Working This Year?

  3. I have a friend who opened a Crossfit business last year and she loves Lulu... she is obsessed with them.

    Enjoyed reading your currently
    Hodges Herald


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