Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter **Giveaway**!! Sunflower Hats Craft!

Happy Friday!!! I find myself counting down to this day a lot in the spring. It's a gorgeous 70 degrees here today and I'm loving it!!

This post will be full of goodies but not much writing. I stayed up a lot little too late last night. Darn you book club for being so much fun! I look forward to book club every month (even when I'm scrambling to finish the book) because we have a great group of girls! It also helps that 3/4 of our club is teachers so we get to swap funny kid stories too :)

First up... This week's FREEBIE in case you missed it!

 Want the full set?! WIN IT!! I'm giving away 2 full sets on Tuesday! Just enter the RaffleCopter below! This includes ALL TIMES to the quarter hour!

 Next up: Sunflower Hats!

We made these for our Spring Showcase. We have been practicing the songs "Parts of a Plant" (sung to the Wheels on the Bus tune) and "Recycling" (sung to 10 in the Bed). Yesterday I got paranoid that my kids would freak out in front of everyone and not sing. This inspired a last minute craft! And when I say "last minute" I MEAN IT! I was creating tracing patterns as they were starting on folding the stems! Then I planned how to do the petals while they were tracing and cutting the leaves! I'm so glad they turned out so well! My theory is they will at least look cute if they don't sing when we do this in 2 hours :)

Here is a step-by-step guide to making them:
1) Fold an 18x12 construction paper multiple times until it is really thick (makes it stiff, not floppy) I folded the 12in side down 3 inches then kept folding it over on top of itself.
2) Use a sentence strip to make a headband and staple it in a circle after measuring the kid's head. Then staple the stem to the band.
3) Use a tracing pattern to make 3 leaves, cut them out and glue them on. I made my super quick by hand out of an old file folder.

4) Trace a circle. I had the kids use the lid of my letter magnet jar because I didn't have time to make/find a stencil. Haha

5) Use the same tracing pattern for the leaves to make the flower petals. I used 9 because that is how many fit around the circle I was using. This number may vary.
6) Glue them around the circle that you cut out.

7) Glue the head of the flower on to the stem.
8) When it's dry crinkle up some pipe cleaners and hot glue them to inside of the hat (off to the side a little so they aren't in the kids' eyes!)
9) Tah Dah!! You're done!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to stop by for Successful Saturday tomorrow!

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  1. My kiddos are working on time right now and I was looking for an Easter activity for our short week next week:)
    Danielle Collins (matt_danielle1428)

  2. My favorite thing to teach in the spring is life cycles and plants.

  3. Something I miss! The life cycle, because we would order caterpillars and watch them turn to butterflies!

  4. I enjoy teaching plants. They love to plant seeds and watch them grow!

  5. LIving things, plant & animals. Thanks! wendy

  6. I love taking out all my cute spring-themed learning activities! Good bye to my cute snowmen and polar bears (until next winter!)

  7. My favorite thing to teach in Spring is the butterfly life cycle. :) They love it!

  8. Great Giveaway! This looks like a fantastic activity.


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