Saturday, March 23, 2013

Successful Saturday! March 23rd

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 This week's success stories:
1) Teaching time (clocks) was a HUGE hit in my class! All day long I hear my kids applying the time phrases we've been working on! It's wonderful! I hear things like "it's half past 12" or "it's a quarter to 2." This honestly might be the most successful I've ever been at this. I wish I knew the magical trick I used this year, but I'm honestly not sure what I did differently this time. Weird! Perhaps my wording was better during my initial explanation? Or maybe it was the way we played time games? We played time BINGO and we also played flashcards but tried using the other forms of time phrases. For example, instead of saying "1:45" we would try to switch it to "quarter to 2."

Here they are practicing social skills (turn taking and asking appropriate question sentences) as they tell each other the time on the clocks in different ways. 

2) This one is a personal success story: I have a very tricky bunch this year! My academic range is 3+ years and the emotional range is just as big. I have one little genius boy who is a prime example. His brain is off the charts (I literally I think he outsmarted the test so don't even really know his IQ) but his emotions were a DISASTER when I got him. You name an aggressive behavior and he's done it...repeatedly! Thank goodness he's tiny so no one ever got hurt!

Well we finally got into a little groove together and it's AMAZING! He is not only doing well, but he has had AT LEAST 6 perfect days this month!! Whoo hoo!! This week was extra special. Yesterday he asked me to sit on the monkey bars (the ladder) and I agreed because I do it often anyway just to be near the kids when we take a 5 minute recess outside. Anyway...I'm sitting there and after a minute or two the little guy crawls up in the nook of my arm to sit next to me on the ladder and says, "I like it here. I like spending time with you Lisa!" Such a sweetie! This sounds simple, but a month ago all I heard was "I hate school! I'm never coming back here again! Ever!" So this was a big moment for us.

Then my most favorite part of all was something that I don't think anyone else would have seen or noticed even if they were watching carefully. It was a moment where I knew just how far we've come in the smallest instant. Another kid (let's call him Kid X) was a mess today, and my little genius boy went to ask this kid a survey question for his data collection math page. He approached the kid appropriately, asked "do you like to draw, write, or both?" Kid X suddenly SCREAMS in his face LOUDLY because he was mad he was just dropped a level on our color chart. Genius Boy doesn't move/react and gives an expressionless face to the boy as I prompt Kid X to answer the question appropriately so Genius Boy has the info he needs to finish his work. Genius Boy calmly repeats the question and goes on his merry way back to his seat. This seems simple enough, but really it was a huge moment for us!!! In the past Genius Boy would have screamed, hit, grabbed...who knows... but today he did NOTHING! YAY!!!! Success!! I have been working really hard at teaching him that "using your body just gets you into trouble, but using kind words usually gets you what you want." I've also been teaching him that fixing the other kid's bad choices is my job, and there is no reason he needs to make a bad choice when they do. Today was proof it's really working! YAY!!

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  1. I am a friend from TBTS. I thought I would stop by to say hi. I am a new follower.

    Classroom Companion

  2. SUCH A HAPPY MOMENT!!! As a past EBD teacher, I fully understand the happiness you must have felt in that moment:) Makes me miss my kiddos from last year.

    We are ALL Special!


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