Friday, April 26, 2013

Technology in the Classroom + FREEBIE FRAMES!

Today I did a little experiment with technology in the classroom and I LOVED how it turned out! One of the Common Core Standards is "CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.2.5 Create audio recordings of stories or poems." This sounds great, but my classroom has ZERO recording technology! Today I got creative and found a GREAT solution!

I took it upon myself to see just what I could do with my iPhone. I found a great little app for recording memos, lectures and meetings called SuperNote. I tried the free version but it only allows 4 recordings. Thankfully that was enough to discover just how handy this little app is! You can record things VERY clearly and take notes while it's recording. Then if your iPhone (or iPad I assume) is connected to your computer on the same wifi network, you can email yourself the recordings and notes and save it to your computer!

Today I had one student practice retell and he read a passage, then told another student about what he read as I recorded the conversation. It was great! I can hear the kids clearly and then in the future I can compare their skills! How awesome is that?! Click here to listen to the audio file

The next thing I did was record the students on a "cold read" (something they've never seen before) and listen to their decoding skills. Then I asked them comprehension questions. This was mainly a test case for using the technology. My favorite part is the kid who read right before snack time and ends with "I'm hungry!" Too cute!
Click here to get the audio file of child1
Click here to get the audio file of child 2

Windows Media Player didn't seem to work, but these recordings worked great on Quicktime. This is my first time using a dropbox link on my blog, so I'll love if you let me know if it worked or not!

I really want to use this technology for my end of the year assessments such as the DIBELS. Sometimes it's hard to write notations as fast as the kids talk/read and I think this will be great for accurate scoring!

Next is a little freebie of  mine for a larger set I'm in the middle of making. I thought this little set of three would be an extra Friday treat for ya. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

What would you use this recording technology for? Do you have a different way of recording students? I'd love to hear about it!

Freebie Fridays

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