Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day with Recycle Rex

I'm a California girl! While we are known for sunshine and beaches in my state, we are also HUGE on recycling and saving the planet! When I moved away to Arizona for college, I about had a heart attack when I couldn't recycle at my first apartment. I threw away things that I would have been yelled at for not recycling here in CA. Eventually they caught up and I could recycle things after a couple of years there. I just remember it feeling so WRONG to thrown plastic and glass bottles away. It was drilled into my brain from childhood.

When I started teaching I thought...where did I learn this? Then I remembered RECYCLE REX!! He's this adorable little dinosaur that teaches all about recycling and saving the planet! (which now makes me think of the Captain Planet cartoon...)
When I was teaching about Earth Day in my first year as a teacher, I just HAD to find Rex! And after many hours of scouring the web, I found him! There are soooo many educational resources on the Recycle Rex page that are ready to print and go. They have things for kids of all grade levels.

CLICK HERE for the Recycle Rex main page!

Click Here for the Recycle Rex Activity Book!

There is also a cute Recycle Rex video you can watch. I found the full video on YouTube which is great, but Be Warned some of the comments have swear words! I plan to show the video on my computer by not show it until it's in full screen version just in case!

What is your favorite Earth Day activity?

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