Sunday, April 7, 2013

NEW Ocean Clip Art! Free Doodle Frames!

Scroll to the bottom for today's FREEBIE!
It's the last day of spring break. EEK!! I managed to finish all the things I wanted to get done! I finished my book club book, I created a big new clip art set (that I'm pretty proud of!), I got a hair cut, went to the dentist (which I HATE!) and slept in a bunch! I'd say it was a successful break. I wanted to take a little trip but my doggie is very sick, so I stayed around town and just made a quick trip to Santa Cruz for an afternoon with friends.

I have sooo much to do this week! Crazy me offered to do conferences with parents during my prep period Monday and Tuesday since our school does not offer spring conferences. I LOVE showing parents all the progress their child has made since I met with them (officially) in October. We chat all the time, but they don't get to see things like their writing journals. I have one kid who went from my doing hand-over-hand and tracing in September to writing full pages stories now! That make sense!

Our overnight trip to the ranch is on Wednesday and Thursday. I found out tonight we get the cabin instead of tents. WHOO HOO!! The sound of the wind hitting our tent kept kids up for HOURS last year. Yay for walls and doors this trip!! Friday might be rough at school... I'm thinking story writing and illustrations about our trip! Then learning games in the afternoon when they are fried!

Take a peek at my new clip art set!! I have been drawing like crazy! If you love the set and want a new animal added to it that I forgot, just let me know and I can try to add it in to the collection. A couple of my doodles didn't seem "good enough" so they weren't included in the collection until I can make them look better. I hope you like them. This is my biggest set yet! You can find it in both my TPT and TN shops!

Here's what's included:
3 angelfish
5 shells
2 crabs
3 dolphins
4 fish
3 jellyfish
4 octopus
4 sea snails
4 sea horses
4 kelp (2 sizes in color and b&w)
7 starfish
3 sea turtles
3 whales
1 ocean background (8.5x11)

And the best part!! A FREEBIE!!
I made little frames for you to add to your lessons and products! These frames are in PNG format so you can adjust the size as needed. I also left the middles clear so you can place this over any color background or image. There are 6 frames altogether in various colors. Enjoy! Just click the image below.

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  1. Your new clip art looks great! Love it!

    Extra Special Teaching

  2. Thanks for the freebie! I am your newest follower,
    I would love for you to stop by my blog when you get a chance and check it out!

  3. Thank you for the free frames Lisa :) Very cute

  4. Thanks so much for the freebie, I'm always on the lookout for new great clipart and frames!

    Love to Learn

  5. Adorable new clip art. Thank you for the frame freebie! I might use them on my blog to display the prizes for my 100 follower raffle (and of course link back to you)! Come join us! I'm your new follower!

    Pinkadots Elementary

  6. Cute clipart! I love the frames. Thanks for sharing!

    The Teacher's Desk 6

  7. What kind of craziness is an overnight trip followed by a day of school? Vote for Th/Fri next year!

    Thank you for sharing your frames. Very nice!


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