Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Activities! Exciting News! Fun Frames + Symmetry Clip Art

Happy Sunday Folks! This week my students will continue their plant unit and working on their special areas of need (fine motor, verbal, comprehension, etc.). I've hit the point in the year where I'm trying to decide how many units to fit in before the end of the year. I have about a week or so worth of materials left for the plant unit. Plus, tomorrow we'll be doing Earth Day Activities from the set I made a couple weeks ago. I better print them out and laminate them today!! 

I could have sworn I posted about this when I made it, but apparently not! Here are a few snapshots from the set.
It has 6 activities:
-Classify conservation methods into 3 categories (reduce, reuse, recycle)
-Earth Day writing prompt
-Blank Earth Day stationary page
-Earth Day Vocabulary (for use in writing station)
-Vocabulary Matching Worksheet
-Vocabulary Picture Matching Cards

Sort by Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

I got an exciting message this morning!! I was contacted by Howard B Wigglebottom (yes the bunny!) this morning! He wants to do an author visit via Skype with my class!!! The kids will be sooo excited when I tell them. The original time they suggested was 9:00 EST which would make that 6:00am here in California! No matter how excited my kids are, there is no way they would start school 2.5 hours early! Howard was kind enough to change the time to later in the morning. We will be chatting in the end of May!!! Yay!

I'm not completely sure how I got this lucky, but I think it is a combination of  my blog and the response activities I made to go with the book below. My kids just LOVE Howard! I can't wait until I have it officially scheduled to chat with the author and I can tell them the great news :)

Next up I wanted to let you know about some of my latest clip art creations. One is a set of Symmetry Clip Art I did as a special request from Mary at Teaching with a Mountain View. She wanted some real life objects that show symmetry.

 These are a couple new sets of frames I made yesterday. There are 8 colors of each frame, plus a line art copy included in the sets.

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