Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Manic Monday New Years Eve!

Happy New Years Eve! My big new years resolution is to take some time to relax this year! I've felt so burnt out lately. While my class is super adorable, it's a HUGE challenge teaching 3 grades at once all day. Add in the fact that it's SPED, you can imagine how stressful the days can be, then I bring home more work at night.

Starting now, I'm trying to force myself to just relax a bit! I already finished my book club book a whopping 3 weeks early! This is a record. I'm usually finishing the book a day or two before our monthly get-together. Book Club is one of my "grown up" time activities that gets my mind off my class. Although most of us are teachers, so sometimes we stray back to school talk...oops!

Since I've been trying to relax this holiday break, I've keep my TPT creations to a minimum. I haven't even looked at my curriculum and I completely forgot my lesson plan book at school. So... I have no idea what I should be creating for my class right now! In the mean time, I did finish both my Winter and Valentine ABC Matching. Both are FREE in my TPT store (click the pics) and Google Doc.

Google Winter
Google Valentine

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. I love the Winter ABC match, it will be perfect to use with my class.

  2. Wow! Three grades each day? I would be so exhausted also! Glad you are getting some downtime and rest before heading back to the New Year!

    2nd Grade Pad


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