Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Currently!


Time for the first Currently of the new year! Once again the fabulous Farley is the host!
Listening- I have seen far too many episodes of Law & Order, yet somehow every time there is a marathon, I discover some I haven't seen. 

Loving- My mom got me a pasta maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer, and I'm super excited! I made spinach pasta with homemade alfredo the other day! Yum! Now I want to try to make macaroni!

Thinking- I had a ton to bring home for break (presents, books, etc.) and somehow I remembered 5 different curriculum manuals and not my lesson plan book! I'm deciding if I should stop by school to get it, or say "Forget it!" and relax all week! I think I've decided the maintenance crew will be my deciding factor... if they are there working and the alarm is off I'll go, if not... I'll be a bum!

Wanting- I honestly do not have anything I really want! I got everything I wanted and more for Xmas! I had to be creative. I want to make super awesome original pasta flavors! I think maybe sweet pea will be next!

Needing- I've been sick for a month straight. Getting slightly better each day, but this darn congestion and cough just won't end. Ugh!

OLW- Happiness! I've been super stressed lately and so my goal for 2013 is to find my happy...in every way...home, work, and social life.

Cheers to the new year everyone!!
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