Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sensing the Seasons Book & Independent Iggy *Freebie*

Last night I finished my Sensing the Seasons: 5 Senses for the 4 Seasons mini unit. My kids are super excited. Our introduction lesson went so well that I stayed up insanely late last night finishing up the rest of the unit. I continued the excitement today when I told them the best part (that I thought of on my way to work). We are turning this into a book!

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but my kids think my binding machine is the coolest thing in the universe!! They love anything that means they get to help me pull the levers and make a book. In the beginning of the year, my kids couldn't really sustain a big project worthy of a whole book, so they haven't gotten many chances to use it until recently. This is a huge motivator because this book is 16 pages long! It's a way for me to secretly sneak in a lot of writing and the word "illustrate."

Got a kid who struggles to work independently? Always asks for unnecessary help or worries about what what the other kids are doing? I have the solution!

Meet Independent Iggy!

Today I put this on my little dude's desk and it was like miracles happened! Every time I caught him working hard, without asking for unneeded help, or worrying about a kid finishing faster, he got a happy face or star on his sheet. When he got 10, he got a prize from the prize box. He was super awesome! He did 3 math pages! Plus he refused to let me help him on reading. I think he did 5 different reading activities!! Accurately! YAY!!

I got the image from Little Red's Vowel Sounds Clipart. I can't wait to use the rest of the bundle of images. There are so many things I can make!

I have sooo many more things I'd love to share tonight! Upcoming ideas:
Technology in the classroom curriculum
Author of the Week
My funny moment of the day... You know I teach kids with autism when this is what happens during writing: the kid wrote "silent" ON the letter t in the word castle! Below is the close up and the whole story he wrote in his writing journal.

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