Monday, January 7, 2013

Pardon our dust... A classroom construction zone!

I walked into my room this morning to discover it is a real live construction zone! Caution tape should have been on my door to warn me! I'm fairly certain a curse word or two came out of my mouth! There is drywall where there used to be a window. I knew this was happening, but it was a surprise at 7:15 this morning to discover that it wasn't finished due to both extremely rainy weather and significantly more water damage than previously thought. Plus there was a lot more of my stuff moved than I was originally told would be needed out of the way. I struggled all day to find the right books.

This is what saw when I walked in (forgive the blurry pics, I was in a hurry to clean!):

Drywall, apparently more is behind those shelves that are now out of order
I left this table clean and empty... but I love the new lights above!! No longer teaching at a dark table!
Definitely not where I left this table or these books...

Despite the chaos, I somehow managed to get the room cleaned up before school started (or at least the main table). I later discovered just how much dust is covering everything. Our wonderful finance/everything lady promised to have the carpets cleaned for me when they are done with the work. Although apparently that won't be until this coming weekend, so part of the mess is going to stay there until it's done. No point fixing it, just to have it messed up again in 4 days.

The kids had a pretty good start to the morning. Although, they were mesmerized by the unfinished wall. Do you know what happens in a class of kids who have autism when you randomly add an unfinished wall??? They stare at it during every break when they finish their work and have free time!! I seriously had a boy stare at it for 10 solid minutes while he felt the texture! He giggled about the missing paint and started calling my classroom an attic. Oh the world through the eyes of a kid!

My day got a little more chaotic when someone accidentally broke one of the fire alarm boxes off the wall. We had an impromptu fire drill, followed by a series of false alarms as they attempted to fix it. Thankfully it ended within a half hour, my kids were super duper patient, but they wouldn't have been able to take it much longer.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow goes a bit more smoothly!


  1. Wow, what a return to school. Hope things smooth out soon and the kids adjust to the changes.

  2. Well you had an exciting day:) Hope tomorrow is better!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. Happy New Year! HA! ;)


  4. Yikes! What a mess! Hope today went better ;)



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