Thursday, December 13, 2012

Field Trip Day!

Today was field trip day! We went to a local nature preserve/kid hands on learning center. It's called CuriOdyssey, but that probably doesn't help you understand it much. Basically the kids find "evidence" of animals in the wooded area around the building. In other words...POOP!! Or as the science teacher/guide lady put it "scat." But either way the kids thought it was hysterical to look for poop! Of course we also looked for other evidence such as webs, footprints, and half eaten leaves. We also found salamanders, turkey vultures, leaves caterpillars had nibbled on and various other stuff. The kids enjoyed it while I hung back with my pocket of tissues and travel bottle of hand sanitizer since I have the sinus infection that never seems to end.

Then we explored the hands-on, learn-through-play area without the guide. They also have a small zoo where we saw a bobcat, otters, a porcupine, birds, snakes, newts, and a raccoon. My favorite was when we saw a coyote and the kids told me it was like the one that ate The Gingerbread Cowboy and then we saw a fox who "ate the Gingerbread Man!" No pics of the animals, sorry! I wasn't feeling well and forgot about my camera until half way through the day. Oops!

The kids was super perfect today. Not a single kid got in trouble for anything! We took pictures together as a class by the water (the San Francisco Bay). Then I surprised them by taking them to an AMAZING playground in the park. I only had 4 out of my 5 boys. The last little guy had an appointment and we weren't sure how he'd handle the trip anyway.
So adorable, I hate blocking out their faces!

Walking among the trees


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