Sunday, December 2, 2012

Santa Emergent Readers

The Gingerbread Emergent Readers I posted last week were such a big hit in both my classroom and TPT store! I decided I should make a Santa themed set too! I'm genuinely having some fun writing these little books! I see many more in the future, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I already have some adorable winter clipart that I'm dying to use for a story! I also noticed I hit 100 TPT followers today! Awesome!!

As part of the holiday spirit, I thought you should have my Santa character map for free! Just click the image below to get it from GoogleDocs!
This week kicks off the winter holidays. I'm currently stalling on planning the first couple days... I'll post tomorrow with what we ended up doing. I know this week will be Kwanzaa, but there is a limited number of Kwanzaa resources due to the lack of popularity for this particular holiday. If you have any great ones, PLEASE send them my way!

I think Day 1 of Kwanzaa Week will actually be a day to talk about how there are 3 major holidays in December. We'll practice naming the holidays, and discuss that different people believe in different things, and celebrate in different ways. I also have a winter holidays mini-book to introduce them. In case you're wondering, I teach at a private school, so I can teach whatever I want in my very liberal community. So I choose acceptance, and excitement about diversity during the holidays.

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