Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sad Day + Some Holiday Cheer + Money Centers

Yesterday the speech teacher and I were hanging out together during our prep period when we heard the news. We were trying not to cry. So sad! As a teacher, this hits so very close to home. I've experienced lock-downs and scary situations on campus, but thankfully no one was ever hurt. To think a whole classroom of children is gone is such a frightening thing. Moments after I heard the news a student was brought back to my class from PE for trying to run away and out the school gates. I was terrified for him. I was scolding him about how a stranger could hurt him if he leaves the school. It's so scary to think a stranger could come IN the school to hurt such adorable little kids.Tomorrow I'll be part of the Teacher Blogger Day of Silence.

My students finished their snowman parent presents yesterday. I just need to tie a ribbon around the necks for a "scarf" once the paint is dry. They turned out pretty cute! Although, despite my best efforts to teach them how to make a carrot nose, half of them made a scribble nose. Oh well, it wouldn't be a true kid-made present without something sloppy! It makes it genuine! Now I need to find some coffee mug boxes or something to wrap them in.

They turned out pretty good! (My new sample one is the snowman on the right since my cracked original one is now headless!)

Kinder started learning about money this week. They are doing shockingly well! They even understand the concept of starting at 5 when they have a nickel in with their pennies! Here are the money centers they were working on. This are all part of my Beginning Money Centers in my TPT store.
Match the piggy bank to its coins

Money Puzzles (words, coin images)

Match the coin front, back, amount, name
These all come from this set:

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