Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snowman Parent Present

Hey bloggers! I went back to school after 1 1/2 days out sick. Honestly, I probably should have stayed home, but the nightmare of doing sub plans from home made me come in. It went fairly well as I kept cough drops and a tissue box in the middle of our table. What are the odds that I'm perfectly healthy for our field trip tomorrow?!

A mom came to check out my class and see her son in action. By the time she left she shook her head and laughed, "If I had your job, I'd call in sick 365 days a year! I don't know how you do it! FIVE of these boys ALL DAY!" She stayed for story time, and me teaching 2 things at once math time (coins to kinder, double digit add/subtract to 1st/2nd). The wonders of K-2 sped...

Today we started making our snowman crafts for the parent presents. You can find my original post about how to make them here. Thanks to the fabulous art teacher at our school, I discovered the wonderfulness of Model Magic by Crayola. This playdoh is sooo much better than the one I made from my recipe. Plus it was on sale at Michael's this week, and with my teacher discount it was only $14 for a 2 lb. tub instead of $20ish.

The art teacher said it won't crack when it dries like the other one did. My head fell off of the sample snowman I made for the kids! Oops! Not a headless Frosty!!! Take a peek at how the kids did! We'll paint them once they're dry.

Today I also started a speech jar. I have one little guy with HORRIBLE speech. He has a medical condition that caused it, but we're trying are darndest to correct it. He's totally getting better, but it's not without a lot of prompting. My other kinder boy is also struggling a tad bit too, so the speech teacher and I decided to start a speech jar. I often hear, "I fink" "I'm firsty" and "I have free cards." All of which should have had /th/ instead of /f/. I got the idea from Simply Speech.

Here's what my jar looks like. It says "spotted using good speech" but you can't really read it in the picture thanks to the curve of the tub I used. It's actually a soup container from Safeway. I put a marble in if I catch them (or they catch themselves) using a speech sound correctly. I take one out if I catch them using it wrong. I suddenly had a ton of "thank you's" today! Previously known as "fank you!" Whatever works :)

I'm off to get some more rest before tomorrow's trip! Ta Ta For Now!


  1. Hope you continue to recover!! Smiles - Lisa

  2. Great speech jar idea! I love it. Nice snowmen, too. I will have to try that Model Magic for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for linking up! Your snowmen look great! Hope you're feeling better!

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