Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer School: Science Camp, Day 4

Today's theme was earth science! We focused our learning on nature today. We took several trips around our school garden, each time with a new purpose.

Today's activities:
-use food coloring to change the color of carnations and celery. It was starting to work by the end of the day, but I'm sure there will be a more dramatic change by tomorrow morning.
-crayon rubbing of several different leaf shapes. We collected them from the ground and a few plants in the garden, then used unwrapped crayons to see the shape and "vein" patterns.
-nature colors. We collected various flowers and colored leaves from our garden, crushed them in our hands and then rubbed them on white construction paper to see what nature colors we could make.
-fossils! We used a simple recipe using coffee grounds, flour, salt, and cold coffee to make fossils out of sea shells. First we made the dough, then each student smushed a couple seashells into it and removed them. The kids were very excited and took them home before they were dry. I learned it usually dries overnight, sometimes 2 nights.

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