Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer School: Science Camp, Day 3

Today was water science day! Today the kids explored the different concepts of water including, freezing, melting, and evaporation.

Today's activities:
-Predict how long it takes ice to freeze and melt, then test our predictions
-Learn about evaporation with cups out in the sun (2 with plastic wrap, 2 uncovered)
-See what happens when cold ice melts in warm water. This was a greats activity! We put blue ice cubes in warm red water (food coloring in both) and watched the cold blue water sink to the bottom as the red warm water stayed on top. Then we saw the diffusion as the colors mixed to form purple. We repeated it with red ice and yellow water to create orange.
-made "lava lamps" using colored water and veggie oil

Sorry, I don't have many good pictures of today's activities, I was trying to keep my camera and phone far away from big tubs of water! I love my little guys, but I know the odds of the wrong thing getting soaked!

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