Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer School, Kids Camp: Day 2

Today was a big success, both socially and with projects for my students. We had a few rough starts with my little ones and separation anxiety with their parents, along with general struggles with changes to routine yesterday. Today was quite different and completely enjoyable all day. The kids all tried their best and started to learn classroom routines, and really responded to positive reinforcement (sparkle smiley face stickers are an amazingly powerful thing!).

Today's theme: Art and Crafts Day!
  • Foam sticker projects
  • Watercolors
  • Play-doh
  • Paper-bag puppets
  • Egg carton bugs
Easy foam crafts, all pieces in a baggie together makes things easier.

One kid chose letters and numbers for his foam craft project.

Another boy chose a space picture instead. So cute!

One little guy made a game out of play-doh by holding the dino head and trying to make the ball go through the hole. So creative!!

Paper-bag puppets!

Rug yarn makes perfect length hair! No cutting needed!

Finished puppets. I didn't need to help them at all, and the kids got to decorate any way they wanted.

Ladybug (not quite done)

A kid stole my camera while I was finishing the antennae.

Not a bad pic for a 6 yr. old!! Notice the giant pile of craft supplies in the background :)

Ladybug, Ant, Caterpillar

2 Caterpillars and a ladybug

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