Sunday, July 15, 2012

ABC Theme Pocket Book

Summer school starts tomorrow and 3 of my 5 new students will be in my class this week. It's a nice way for us to get to know each other before the real school work starts. I'm really looking forward to working with a whole new batch of kids this year. This was an added little push to get some of my summer projects done. One of my goals was to create an ABC theme pocket book, so that became my project today. I'd really like to do a "Letter of the Day" theme for my kinder kids and the theme pockets would be a great learning center project. The kids could do one letter pocket a day and take it home when their book is done.

Each theme pocket will have the projects for that letter of the alphabet. I made a set of letters to trace and color with extra space around the edges for foam letters, and drawing pictures of things starting with the letter of the day. There is also a handwriting practice page with the uppercase, lowercase, and simple words starting with the letter. I'd also like the kids to put picture sorts in the pockets, but I don't have copies of those here at home with me to include in the pictures. All of the pages can be found in the Book of Letters in my TPT store.

To make the pockets, take 12in x 18in construction paper and fold up the bottom to make a 12 inch square. Then put 2-3 staples on each side. To make the cover, simply cut the page into a 12 inch square. I save the scraps for other projects. Next I cut and glued labels on each page, but you can have students do this to practice cutting and gluing skills. The pockets can be bound together if doing a whole alphabet book, or stapled together if there are only about 5 pockets put together at a time. Another option is to use the big black binder clips to hold the pages together.

Cover page for the pocket book. Note: Use glue sticks instead of wet glue to avoid wrinkles!

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