Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer School: Science Camp, Day 1

Today's theme: Magnets and Motion!
Today the kids did a variety of experiments and exploration using magnets in many forms. As a warm up activity we made pictures, patterns, and words using different magnets.

To get the main theme started, the class made predictions about items that were/weren't magnetic, then tested them to confirm if their predictions were correct.

For the next activity, the kids made magnetic puppet theaters out of cereal boxes, paint, Popsicle sticks, magnets, and foam stickers. They also learned how to make construction paper butterflies fly using a paper clip and the magnet on a craft stick.

We completed a magnetic "fishing" puzzle. Then we made toy cars move by taping a magnet to them and using repelling poles to move them without touching. Lastly, we were knocking over dominos with the repelling magnets. Today was a fun day of magnetic science!
Magnetic snakes and bugs warm up activity
Repelling magnetic poles knock over dominoes!
Who needs to pick up one magnet when you can grab the whole pile?!
Experimenting with the toy trains, yep! it sticks!
Moving toy cars with magnets taped to the roof without ever touching the car. We had races with them too!
Magnetic Puppet Theater!
This is what moves the puppets! Magnet hot glued onto a craft stick!
Flying butterflies! The theater magnetic craft sticks came in handy for this activity.

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