Sunday, July 8, 2012

Student Work Folders

My classroom has 3 grade levels being taught at once all day long. Keeping organized is the only way I can stay sane. Student folders were the best thing I ever did! My students have 2 main folders they use throughout the day.

The primary folder for every student is their Seat Work Folder. Each child has a 2-pocket folder for their reading and math work. The students know where to get their folders and always know to start with the assignment that is on top. If the students finish quickly and show me their work for accuracy, then they can move on the the next page without me scrambling around to find what comes next. I originally created this will a border of pencils, but when I went to print them out, I found some cute paper with borders already on the paper, so I used just the basic writing portion.
The other main folder my students use is their Unfinished Work Folder. Any assignments the students have to stop before it's completed (lunch,recess, etc.) go into this folder. The students either complete it the next day, or when they finish another assignment early and need something to do until the rest of the group is ready to move on to the next task.

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