Friday, September 27, 2013

We Received a Signed Julia Cook Story Book :)

So my obsession with Julia Cook and her amazing social skills books continues! One of our kids has been struggling with taking complements (that actually upset him) and his parents asked about a good social skills book to help with this. Of course Julia Cook has a great one and I recommended it to the family called Thanks for the Feedback, I Think.

Then I got an amazing surprise! Julia Cook sent me a signed copy of the book!

My kids absolutely LOVE the "RJ books" as they like to call them thanks to the main character in many of the stories! When I held up the envelope and ask who Julia Cook was, they instantly knew it was the author of the RJ books.

I told them sent us the book and even signed it for us, and then one of them shouted, "WOW!! She must be a really nice lady!!" It worked out perfectly because we were doing a lesson on responding to text by drawing pictures. I used her book and the kids all had fun drawing pictures of RJ and the other kid characters in the story. (I'll show you their adorable illustrations later, I have them on my work computer).

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