Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Cycles in Action

Last week we discovered a whole pile of caterpillars right outside our classroom door. We picked up a chrysalis and a caterpillar so we could observe the full life cycle.

When we walked into the classroom this morning, we discovered that our chrysalis had turned into a full moth, and our caterpillar turned into a chrysalis! It's been so wonderful for the kids to observe the full life cycle of the moth completely by chance in the middle of our bug unit! I think the empty chrysalis and the details you can see are absolutely amazing!

This week the kids are going to be creating a mini research project on an insect of their choice. I made a mini-book outline for them as a guide, but the information will be up to them to find and write/illustrate. The kids were all very excited to pick their insects and start reading about them today! Tomorrow we'll start writing what we've learned.

Do your students do any research projects? If so, what topics do you like to use?

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