Monday, September 2, 2013

Tomorrow is the First Day of School

Tomorrow is the 8th "first day of school" in my teacher career. This year I had a bit of a jump start with the mandatory extended school year at my new school. I already taught all of my kiddos during the month of July.

While I wasn't thrilled about losing a large chunk of my summer, I actually really liked it. It was a wonderful way to get to know the kids, my teaching partner, and my new school! It was also nice getting to start with half days!
View from the front
Tomorrow marks the beginning of official school year. Lauren and I have a group of 11 rambunctious boys! Yep, all boys, not a single pink-wearing girl! With this in mind, I had to rearrange our desks last week. We originally had 2 rows of 5 desks, but with the changes in enrollment, it wasn't going to work with that 11th desk. I wanted a way for all of the kids to be able to face the front and be easily accessible for the 3 of us teachers to help them. Additionally, it's a special education class and some of the kids struggle with social skills, so groups don't always work well. I'm hoping this "U" shape will be the solution!
View from the back of the room

Lauren and I know we have an active group of boys, and we look forward to all the things we can accomplish with them this year. I plan on grabbing their attention with their love of bugs! We'll be kicking off the year with our insect unit! More to come on that, but for now all I have ready is the clip art. I have created a couple of science pages created for my kiddos, but it's not quite TPT ready yet.

Now I'm off to pick out my first day of school outfit! This could be a challenge, I went Back to School shopping at the outlets on Saturday. Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft (outlet versions) are dangerous places for me! So many cute things! Added bonus, my new kids don't have as many aggression concerns so after FOUR YEARS I can FINALLY wear necklaces again! Whoo hoo!

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